Established in 2001 with the aim of providing professional environmental management and environmental assessment services to all industries, particularly in the areas of Environmental Impact Assessment, Subsurface Assessment, Site Remediation, Waste Management and Air Quality Management.



Through the success of past projects and initiatives new environmental services are continually being developed by the team at Sillito Environmental Consulting in the field of Environmental, Health & Safety and Risk Management. Each of the environmental management systems developed are custom designed. Environmental services, project management and monitoring are tailored to suit the specific site assessment requirements and company. Environmental assessments carried out by Sillito Environmental Consulting also ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.



Professional registrations and accreditations


The company has membership through its professional staff of the following professional institutes and associations:


  • South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
  • International Association for Impact Assessment
  • Certification Board for Environmental Assessment Practitioners of South Africa
  • Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa
  • Institute of Risk Management South Africa
  • Green Building Council of South Africa
  • Geological Society of London



A message from Adrian Sillito*


“Our core drive is to provide our client base with competent, efficient and professional environmental services, with careful regard to green building practices, ethical responsibilities, integrity and principles associated with the environmental management field.”


* Professional Natural Scientist (Pr. Nat Sci).
Certified Environmental Assessment Practitioner
(CEAPSA) and Carbon Footprint Analyst
(GHG Protocol)