Meet The Team

Lauren Elston





Lauren Elston obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geographical Science, Oceanography & Atmospheric Science from UCT in 2005. In 2014 she qualified from UNISA with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree (cum laude) in Environmental Management. Over the past 12 years she has worked on a variety of projects in both the public and private sector. Near the beginning of her professional career in 2007 she worked for the Department of Environmental Affairs & Development Planning. Since then she has worked as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner  within the private sector on a variety of different types of projects including large scale renewable energy, construction monitoring, waste, industrial, agricultural, municipal service infrastructure, industrial, low-cost housing, mining, residential and water resource management.


Her project experience includes the facilitation of Environmental Impact Assessments, Water-Use License Applications, Air Emission License Applications, Waste License Applications, undertaking Screening and Feasibility Assessments and the development of Environmental Management Plans. She has experience in the environmental management of projects during the full life cycle of the project, including from the pre-construction and planning stage (screening / desktop assessments / broad-scale planning and environmental impact assessment), the construction and operation stage (ECO Monitoring & Auditing), decommissioning and site rehabilitation.


Lauren believes that economic development, construction and environmental conservation should not be mutually exclusive, she is passionate about finding ways to integrate effective environmental management into development projects in such a way that will avoid, reduce and / or mitigate the negative impact of the project on the environment (biophysical – social – cultural) and enhance the positive impacts expected to occur on the environment.


Her role as Head of the EIA Department is associated with project managing various environmental licensing processes and overseeing the projects in the EIA Department to ensure efficient and effective project delivery. She also provides support, mentorship and assistance to the junior staff members.


Her hobbies are spending quality time with her daughter and husband, surfing, cycling and reading.