Underground Utilities Detection / Underground Scanning

  • Utility Detection / Location

    Sillito Environmental Consulting (SEC) have been utilising cutting edge Ground Penetrating Radar technology for the detection and location of underground utilities and subsurface features since 2012. Subsurface scans are carried out by skilled, tertiary educated Technicians with years of experience on commercial, private and high-risk industrial sites. Work completed to date includes surveys of over 50 service station sites, mall developments, commercial environments, cemeteries, nuclear power stations and road upgrades within and outside the borders of South Africa.

  • Our Services Include
    • Underground Utilities Detection
    • Underground structures detection and delineation
    • Live or dead electrical cable location / Electromagnetic Field Detection
    • Slab Thickness Scanning
    • Void Detection
    • Illegal underground dumping detection
    • Archaeological Dig Site Scanning & Grave Location
    • Railway ballast thickness determination
  • Through a combination of the various Ground Penetrating Radar units and the cable locator, it is possible to scan virtually any type of landscape, reducing the risk of damaging services during intrusive works, saving both time and money.

  • SEC advocates conducting an Underground Utilities Survey prior to any form of intrusive works, and with some of our clients this is a mandatory requirement.

  • Once the survey is complete, all data gathered is compiled into a site sketch plan and supporting photolog report or provided in a survey accurate in the format required by the client and depending on requirements.

  • Our Equipment Includes
    • Ground Penetrating Radar – Dual Frequency Scanner
      Dual Frequency Antenna (300 & 800 MHz)
      Services detection to 5 m below ground level
      High resolution at depths – up to 3 m bgl
    • Ground Penetrating Radar – Utility Scanner
      Antenna Frequency 350 MHz
      Services detection to 10 m below ground level
      Includes cable detection capability
    • Pipe & Cable Locator – C. Scope MXL & MXT
      Maximum detection depth of 3 m bgl
      Wide range of frequencies (512/640Hz/8kHz/33kHz)
      Direct Connect or Induction, including signal clamp allowing for tracing of live and
      dead electrical cables and services
      Location of existing utilities, accurate information about location and depth
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