Anthony Mader


Anthony holds an Honours degree in Ecology, Environment, and Conservation, and is currently completing his PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand. Anthony has attained over 4 years’ knowledge and experience within the environmental consulting and has facilitated numerous Scoping/EIA and BA projects throughout the country (including the Western Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Eastern Cape). He has managed and has been involved in the life cycle of housing and mixed-use developments, agricultural projects (including dam developments), resorts, fuel service stations, and infrastructure (roads, culverts, telecommunication towers, etc.) developments, and has conducted numerous environmental audits over his career.

Anthony’s PhD research focuses on phytoremediation and more specifically the recovery of precious metals from wastewater and contaminated land. Through his academic and industry experience, he has attained multidisciplinary knowledge in, but not limited to, environmental legislation, water, soil, and plant sciences, GIS, ecology, and the interplay between these disciplines. He is passionate about environmental conservation and has been involved in various projects utilizing constructed wetlands to remediate water contaminated by anthropogenic activities.

His interests include long-distance trail and road running, as well as swimming and cycling.