About us  

Sillito Environmental Consulting provides expertise in the areas of environmental authorisation, licencing, monitoring and auditing, contamination assessment, development of environmental management and waste solutions for both large scale mining, industrial, environmental and civil engineering projects, as well as smaller scale residential, commercial and industrial developments.


Meet the team

Employs a team of vibrant staff with qualifications and experience ranging from earth sciences, biology, engineering and chemistry, manufacturing and production to economics. This extensive background allows Sillito Environmental Consulting to draw on a wide range of professional knowledge in order to provide a well-informed customised and efficient service to our clients. 




Our in-house experience includes exposure to management of chemical and industrial operations in the formal manufacturing sector. As such there is a good overlap between consulting and practical on-site application and operation. This allows us to design and implement customised, practical and feasible environmental management solutions for our clients using the latest technology and knowledge.

The Team


We have a policy of continuous professional development for all our personnel and our team is continuously developing their professional expertise and knowledge. We also have a strong emphasis on in house training and mentorship to facilitate the growth of individuals and to maximise their potential within the company.

BBBEE & Social Upliftment


Sillito Environmental Consulting has a Level 4 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Rating and strives to uplift, promote and develop members of our team.

The company has a variety of socially responsible projects that it supports, as well as several ‘not for profit’ organisations.

Latest Technology


Sillito Environmental Consulting strives to stay ahead of the game when it comes to changing legislation, environmental requirements, as well as the latest technology and industry best practices.

We ensure our clients have access to the latest information.